At Tin Mill we are happy to offer catering services for special events. Big or small, we have been providing fine food and catering services since 2000. Servicing Uxbridge and beyond, care is taken to ensure every detail is carried out to your complete satisfaction.

Our culinary team is outstanding and work meticulously to provide exceptional culinary creations, all of which are prepared in-house, using fresh ingredients. Select from an extensive menu offering classic Hors D’ Oeuvres, Soups, Salads, Dinner Entrees, Sandwich and Dessert platters and more.

With a passion for perfection, and a proven track record of success, entrust your catered event to Tin Mill.

For a detailed quote for larger off-site catered events, a face to face consultation is essential in order to complete a detailed quotation. To set up an appointment for a consultation please contact Don Andrews

For general inquiries for smaller events or pick-up catering needs please feel free to contact Tin Mill at 905 862 0553.  You may find the catering package and contract online here.



“Thank you – not just for the exceptional service and incredible food, but also for your kind words. You weren’t just ‘working’, you clearly care, and on a very difficult day for me, it meant the world.”  ~ Caitlin

“We wish to thank all of you for the delicious meal and the ‘over and above’  hospitality afforded my husband and I when we dined at your beautiful restaurant. This includes the red blanket, the midnight snack and the overall genuine welcome.”  ~ Sheila & Bud